Asset Treatment setting is a feature that allows the fair market value of one asset to mirror, or “peg”, the value of another asset. These values will be reflected across Crypto One, following their calculation. Use cases for this feature may vary and are dependent on a user’s individual requirements. 

Calculations are performed by replacing the unit market price for the Pegged Asset with the unit market price of the Pegged To asset. Follow the instructions below to implement the pegged values across your portfolio.

  1. Select and save the Pegged Asset and Pegged To asset.

  2. Perform a desired calculation with the following Advanced Option enabled. 
    Note that this option is only needed if the calculation has already been done on the line items you want the pegging to occur. This will also clear out any manual values you have entered on all inflow/outflow transactions.

  3. Transactions and calculations will reflect the pegged values upon recalculation.


Asset Pegs can always be reverted by deleting the Pegged Asset from the table, and once again following steps 2 & 3 to recalculate based on original (non-pegged) values. Previous calculations will have their values preserved.

Sample Use Case:

Peg a wrapped asset with the unwrapped counterpart. For example, peg Wrapped Ethereum (WETH) to Ethereum (ETH). Future tax calculations and transaction costs will be calculated for wETH as if it were ETH. This can alleviate deviations, and/or simplify existing reporting.