In this tutorial, we will go over on how to use the connection level mapping feature for the Xero gateway on Cryptoworth.

Connection level mapping is available to map transactions at the asset level, whether through a wallet or exchange, to the desired account on Xero. All transactions tied to a particular asset can be mapped to a specific account on Xero. 

In an example, you can have an account on Xero for each digital asset type and map each asset type from Cryptoworth to their respective account on Xero. 

Step 1

On the Accounting tab under Gateways, click on the View button under your Xero gateway connection. 

Step 2

You will most likely default into the Classification Level Mapping tab, select the Connection Level Mapping tab. 

Step 3

Click on the Map Connections button and select the connection you want to use as your source (wallet/exchange).

In this example, we used an Ethereum wallet as a source for the connection. 

Step 4

Click on the Add Asset button to select the digital asset you will be mapping. You will be able to map specific assets to your account of choice on Xero. Once mapped, you can select where to map the other assets to Xero for that specific connection.

In our Ethereum wallet connection example, we want to map our USDC assets to our USDC Asset account on Xero.

Step 5

Search for the asset within the connection that you want to map. Then select the account from your Xero connection.

Step 6

If you have more assets to map, continue by clicking the Add Asset button for each one. If you are ready for the next step, select where you want your other assets to be mapped to Xero. Then click on the Save button. 

The connection level mapping is now complete for the Ethereum wallet connection example. If you have more connections to map, continue through the Map Connection button.

You will also be able to alter your existing mapped connection by clicking the three-dotted butto