Recognizing Issues

While using Cryptoworth's Crypto One, you may notice an issues section of the platform if you see a red exclamation icon. 

Issues In A Portfolio

In this article, we will explain the different issues the platform can detect within a portfolio. 

There are two types of detectable portfolio issues:

1. Unsupported Asset Type

The unsupported asset type issue occurs when Cryptoworth does not support the token. Note that every spam token will be detected as an unsupported asset type. Ensure that the unsupported tokens you are seeing detected are spam tokens and not tokens that you want the system to recognize. If there are unsupported tokens that you need support for, contact our support for their activation. 

2. Unsupported Transaction Type

This issue occurs when a new transaction type introduced by the service provider is not supported yet in the account. If this issue occurs, please contact our support team to upgrade our connector for support of the new transaction type. The support team may often times have the new transaction type supported within two to three business days.