Step 1

Head to the Connections tab.

Step 2

Click on Connect.


Step 3

Search for and click on the Stake Tax connection.

Step 4

Fill out the information and make sure to click the "Use CSVs for transactions" checkbox then click Connect.

Step 5

Head to the website and click on the LUNA1 tab.

Step 6

Enter your Terra Luna address and click on SEARCH to start finding your history.

You will see StakeTax start to calculate your transaction history and provide it in a downloadable CSV format once complete.

Step 7

Click on the OPEN CSV button.

Step 8

Download the CSV.

Step 9

Make sure the CSV format you download in is set to default. Then finalize by clicking download.

Step 10

Head back to Cryptoworth and click on Import.

Step 11

Select your Stake Tax connection as the source.

Step 12

Select the Stake Tax CSV you downloaded earlier and attach it to Cryptoworth. 

Step 13

Click on Import and your Luna transactions will appear.