How To Manage Users On The Platform

There are multiple scenarios on how users can be added to account. 

  1. Adding an Admin company user
  2. Adding a Normal company user
  3. Inviting an external user (Read & Write Permission)
  4. Inviting an external user (Read Permission)

Company Users

If you create a company user with admin access, they will be able to see and edit every company portfolio in the account. 

If you create a company user with "Normal" access, they will NOT be able to see company portfolios unless the admin(s) manually adds the normal access company user to a specific portfolio through the portfolio settings under the User Management section and by clicking "Add User". This type of user management allows for admins to decide which portfolios to share access with when adding in normal users.

Select the company user you want to grant portfolio access to, then select the user permissions.

If a company user doesn't already exist, you need to create the company user through the organization page.

If you are looking to add a company user, whether an admin or normal user, follow this guide here:

External Users

If you are looking to invite a user from outside of your organization into a specific portfolio, the Portfolio Settings will allow you to send a registration invite to the external user via email. The external user can have Read or Read & Write permissions for the specific portfolio selected.

The below screenshot is the message the invited company user will get in their email inbox.

If you are looking to add an external user, whether the user will have Read or Read & Write permissions, follow our guide here:

If You Were Invited To A Cryptoworth Portfolio

If you were invited to a Cryptoworth Portfolio, you should have an email asking you to create an account on Cryptoworth (see above screenshot). 

Step 1 

Click on the "Create an Account" button on the email to be redirected to the Cryptoworth sign up page and create your account user credentials.

Step 2 

Upon logging in for the first time, there will be a mini tutorial pop up, you may skip the tutorial if desired, although we highly recommend going through it. After the tutorial, you will notice the "pending invitation" button which will indicate the number of portfolios you have been invited to, click your pending invitations.

Step 3 

Each portfolio you were invited to will show up on this page. Click to accept the portfolio invites then click on the "Go back to portfolios" button to see the newly accessible portfolios.