Step 1

Click on the Address Books icon on the top left menu bar.

Step 2

On the popup menu, click on the blue marked "View full" to open the full Address Books page. 

Step 3

Once on the Address Books page, click on the three-dotted menu button on the top right corner.

Step 4

Click on the "Bulk Import" dropdown menu option.

Step 5

Click on the Address Books template CSV to download the required format. You will need to follow the format of the CSV to upload your address book contacts in bulk. 

Step 6

The minimum required fields in need of populating are the following:

  1. First Name/Company Name
  2. Address Type (personal or organizational)
  3. Crypto ID
  4. Address

The remaining fields are strongly recommended to be populated for optimal information gathering.

For guidance around finding your Crypto IDs, see this article and skip to Step 4 here.

The Crypto ID is how Cryptoworth identifies the cryptocurrency transaction that is being manually entered into the system.

Step 7

Upload your completed CSV and click on the Import button.