Step 1

Adding a new user to the company account

 Head to the most bottom left corner button to find your account settings menu popup.

Step 2

 On the popup menu, click on Organization.

Step 3

On the Company Members page, click on the top right "Add user" button to enter the new user account details page. 

Step 4

After clicking the "Add user" button, the new user settings will pop up. In this menu, enter the name of the user, the email, and create the temporary password of the user. You can also select the admin ticker box below if you would like the new user to have full permissions when using the organization portfolios. If you do not click the admin ticker box, the user will have Read-Only permissions when using the organization portfolios.

Step 5

Click on the bottom blue "Add User" button and you have now added the new user account.

All admin users will have access to all the company portfolios and normal users will not have access to any company portfolios. They should be added explicitly. 

Step 6

If you want to invite an external user to the portfolio, click on the Add User button.

Step 7

Select the company user you wish to add to the portfolio.

Step 8

Decide whether the company user you are adding to the portfolio will have read-only permissions or if you would like the added user to have write permissions. If the user is granted write permissions, he or she will be able to edit the portfolio.

Step 9

Upon selecting the permissions granted, click on Add User and the external user will now have access to the portfolio.