Step 1

From the Home page of the selected portfolio, head to the Connections tab.

Step 2

Click on the three-dotted button and proceed by clicking on the Bulk Import option. 

Step 3

On the Bulk Import Wallets page, download the required template linked as you will need to input your wallet details to synchronize them in one bulk upload. 

You can always add more line items if you have more wallets to import. There will be a section to add your wallet address and one to name that particular wallet. The first column is the crypto ID which you will need to pull from Cryptoworth in order for the system to recognize that particular cryptocurrency. Follow the steps below.

Step 4

Head back to your Connections tab and look for the global search icon. You will need to use the global search function to find the crypto ID of the wallets you intend to bulk import. In this case, we are looking for Ethereum.

Step 5

Search for your desired cryptocurrency to find it's designated ID.

Step 6

Input the designated crypto ID to the affected row. In this case, we inputed Ethereum's crypto ID number 2. Repeat this process for each cryptocurrency of which wallet you are uploading.

Step 7

Head back to the Bulk Wallet Import page and click on "Browse" to find your file with the bulk wallets.

Step 8

After selecting the file, click on the blue "Import" button to import your wallets and they will now be synchronized onto the platform.