Step 1

Head to the Transactions tab.

Step 2

We are going to focus on the Cost and Sales Price columns. To add a manually added cost, click on a particular transaction's cost line item and enter the cost value.

Input the cost value into the parameters. 

Then save the cost value inputted. 

Step 3

Cost values can only be added to Receive type transactions and Sale Price values can only be added to Send type transactions. In this example, we are going to manually add a Sale Price value to the send type transaction below the receive type transaction we just altered. 

Click on the blue "Save" button to register your Sale Price input.

Now you have a manually added Cost and Sale price on two of your transactions.

Step 4

If you wish to delete one of the manually added values, hover your cursor towards the selected value and a red X mark will appear. Click the X mark to view the deletion menu.