Step 1

If you are adding an external user to a specific portfolio, head to the portfolio page and choose the portfolio in which you wish to add an external user. 

Step 2

Click on the settings icon on the top right corner of the dashboard. In the dropdown menu, click on Portfolio Settings.

Step 3

On the portfolio settings dashboard, look for and head to the Users tab under User Management. 

Step 4

To invite an external user to participate into the portfolio, click on the "Invite External User" button. 

Step 5

Input the email address of whom you are inviting to the portfolio and select whether you'd like the invited individual to have Read-Only permission or Read and Write permission. In this example, we will enable read-only permission to the invited user. Click the "Invite User" button once completed. 

The user will get an invitation through an email to sign up if the user does not have a Cryptoworth account. If the user has a Cryptoworth account, they will see the external portfolio under their list of portfolios.