Step 1

The first step is to create the virtual wallet. In order to add manual transaction line items from the Transactions page, a virtual wallet source must first be created. 

Go to the Connections page and click on Connect, followed by Virtual Wallets and Connect Virtual Wallet.

Step 2

In the Virtual Wallet menu, select the cryptocurrency, wallet type (optional), enter a wallet name and a balance (if any). In this example, we connected a virtual Trezor wallet with a balance of 2.3 BTC. 

Step 3

After seeing your Virtual wallet connect, head to the Transactions page.


Step 4

Now to add the manual transaction, click on the three-dotted button (Data Ops menu button) and click on Add Manual Transaction.


Step 5

Select the Transaction Type, in this example we chose Receive. 

Step 6

In this next step, choose your virtual wallet as the Receiving wallet, enter an amount, enter a transaction hash (optional), enter the date and time of the transaction, enter a transaction label and description (optional), then click on Add Transaction when completed. 

In our example, we entered our virtual Trezor 1 Bitcoin wallet, entered the amount, date and time before adding the manual transaction. 

Your manual transaction is now added to your transaction list, notice that manual transactions will have an "M" symbol on the Source column area.