Step 1

Head to the Transactions tab.

Step 2

Click on the blue "Add" button on the top right of the screen. This button is used for manually adding transactions to your portfolio.

Step 3

After the first click, select the dropdown menu to view your transaction type options then chose one. In this example, we select the "Send" transaction type.


Step 4

After selecting the desired transaction type, a new menu will appear. Select the wallet in which you wish to tie the manually added transaction to, in this example we are choosing a virtual wallet.


Step 5

Input the amount of the cryptocurrency transacted on the Amount line.

Step 6

Input any transaction fees and a transaction hash if there is one for the manual transaction.

Step 7

Select the date and time of when the transaction took place, this will serve as the manually added transaction's timestamp.

Step 8

Decide whether to add a label and or description to the transaction. Otherwise, click on the blue "Add Transaction" button on the bottom right.


You will now have manually added the transaction onto your portfolio. There will be a grey square "M" icon in the Source box that indicates the transaction being a manually added input.