Step 1

Head to your portfolio screen. (Click to zoom image)

Step 2

Head to the Accounting tab and select "Classifications" under the drop down menu.

Step 3

Click on the blue "Add Rule" button and you will see a menu of options for creating your new transaction classification.

Step 4

On the classification rule menu, type in your rule name and a description if necessary. Then select the Rule Category. The Rule Category determines the source of where the transaction will originate from. In this example, we chose a wallet as the source. Upon choosing the source, the menu will ask that you select the "Role Criteria" which is determined by tagging this classification rule to either a specific wallet address or transaction tag/type. The "Tag" bar will save the transaction type and the "Classification" bar will save the category type of the transaction.

Step 5

Select the blue "Next" bar at the bottom of the menu.

Step 6

Review and confirm the new classification rule.

Step 7

On the Accounting tab in the Classifications page Rules section, click on "View" to see the newly created rule.

Step 8

You will see the new Classification Rule Parameters and to which wallet it will be applied to. Click the blue "Apply" button at the bottom to initiate the rule.

Step 9

Confirm the application of the new rule by clicking the blue "I understand, apply" button.  The new classification rule is now successfully applied.