Step 1

Head to your portfolio screen. (Click to zoom image)

Step 2

Select the portfolio in which you wish to filter transactions in and then chose the "Transactions" tab.

Step 3

Click on the blue filter icon on this page and a large menu of filter options will pop up. 

Step 4

Filter out by Transaction Type by clicking on the "All" checkmark to uncheck all transaction types.

Step 5

Chose the Transaction Type in which you wish to filter by. In this example, we are filtering by "Send" type transactions.

Step 6

To next filter by transaction date, we will click on the empty bubble on the first "Start Date" line to set up our starting date of choice.

Step 7

Select the calendar icon to select your starting date. 

Step 8

Chose your starting date and then repeat the same process for your ending date.

Step 9

Click on the blue "Apply" button on the bottom right corner of the menu and your transactions are now filtered.