Step 1

From your portfolio home screen, head to the "Connections" tab.

Step 2

Click on the blue "Connect" button on the right hand side and then selection "Wallet" under the submenu dropdown.

Step 3

Once arriving to the Sync Wallet page, you will need to select the wallet type. Select the wallet type bar and you will see a dropdown selection of different integrated wallets. Choose a wallet type.

Step 4

After selecting the wallet type, you will need to select on the second option bar which cryptocurrency blockchain you are synchronizing. Select the cryptocurrency.

Step 5

The third bar will ask you to type in a wallet name. Type in the name for the wallet you are synchronizing how you want it to show under the portfolio.

Step 6

The fourth bar will require you to input the xPUB, yPUB or zPUB address you have at hand. Please make sure to select the correct address format. After inputing the wallet address, click on the bottom blue "Add Wallet" button and your wallet is now synchronized.