Step 1

 Head to your portfolio screen. (Click to zoom image)

Step 2
Select the portfolio in which you wish to run a calculation in

Calculations can only be run one portfolio at a time.

Upon clicking the selected portfolio of choice, you will default to the "Home" screen. Head over to the "Transactions" tab, select your transactions and click on the Calculate button.

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Calculation objectives explanation:

Trailed: Start 
The system will run a full calculation on the selected transactions and save a trail of the calculation for future use. Use this option when you are running the calculation for the first time.
Trailed: Continue
If you want the system to calculate from the last ending point of the calculation, use this method. This method only works if you have run a calculation previously. 

Please If you have synchronized data for dates earlier than the last calculated transactions, the system will simply ignore these transactions and continue with the transactions after the last calculated transaction. If you have such transactions, please use the Trailed: Start mode to run the calculation.
If you do not want the system to store a trail of your calculations, then use this method.

Once on the Tax Dashboard, you can now see the results of your calculation and you are able to generate reports based on the available data at hand.

You have now ran a calculation on Cryptoworth.

Step 3

In the event that you run a calculation and there are deviations detected, you will need to sort out which transactions were affected. Scroll down through the Assets display to see which crypto assets are labelled with the transaction deviations, these events occur when inflows are not matching outflows.

Step 4

To isolate the deviated transactions, head back to the Transactions tab.

Step 5

On the Transactions tab, click on the filer button then under the last line item "Deviation" toggle on "With deviations" and click on the blue "Apply button to filter isolate your deviated transactions.