How to synchronize FTX onto Cryptoworth

Synchronizing via FTX API

Step 1: Select FTX in the dropdown menu

  • Name your account connection (optional)

You will see two bars requiring the API key and API secret key of your FTX account. 

If you are connecting your FTX sub-account, make sure to click on the sub account checkbox.

Step 2: Login to your FTX account

  • Click your profile button on the top right (email/username)
  • Click on Settings
  • Click on Api

Step 3: Create Read-Only API key

WARNING: Cryptoworth only requires Read-Only API permissions. Cryptoworth is void of any liability associated with accounts synchronized with any other API permissions.

  • Copy API key
  • Copy API secret

Step 4: Synchronize your API Key and Secret Key onto Cryptoworth

  • Populate the API Key and Secret Key onto Cryptoworth
  • Click the Sync Account bar

Your FTX account is now synchronized.