Virtual wallet definition

Virtual wallets on the Cryptoworth CAP are manual wallet. It allows users to enter holdings by choosing the cryptocurrency of choice, the amount of the selected cryptocurrency and naming the wallet for management purposes.

For the example below, the cryptocurrency NEO was chosen. In this example, NEO was searched on the first tab to find and select this particular cryptocurrency, a name was added to the virtual wallet, and current holdings. The virtual wallet is an alternative solution to the live wallet by allowing users to track their assets without any direct link to their actual wallet.

Step 1

 Head to the Connections tab.

Step 2

 Click on the blue "Connect" button on the top right on the page then select Virtual Wallet.

Step 3

Click on the first bar to select the cryptocurrency of the virtual wallet. In this example, we have typed in and searched for Litecoin for the virtual wallet.

Step 4

On the second bar, select on of the wallet types available for your virtual wallet. In this example, we selected a Ledger wallet.

Step 5

 On the third bar, type in a name for your virtual wallet.

Step 6

On the fourth bar, enter the balance of the cryptocurrency you are holding in the virtual wallet. If there is no balance, enter zero.

Step 7

 Click on the blue "Add Virtual Wallet" button at the bottom and you will hav successfully created your virtual wallet.