CooperationCryptoworth has a tight screening process and background check procedure before an employee is recruited. We have high abstraction layers within development teams to enhance the security and reduce the vulnerability of our software.
WalletsWallet connections are only done through public addresses. Cryptoworth and our employees will never ask for the private keys for any of your wallets.
AccountsAccounts are connected through read-only API key/secret pair or read-only level OAuth access or CSVs. This guarantees that there is no possibility for Cryptoworth or any miscellaneous user to move assets from your exchanges or trade-in your account. As a user you must ensure that the keys provided do not have withdrawal, deposit and trade access to these keys. 

Our servers are restricted to HTTPS traffic which means the data is encrypted during the transport.

We use bcrypt and powerful hashing algorithms to store sensitive data. We also contain other security layers to prevent brute-forcing and SQL injection.

Cryptoworth CAP supports 2-factor authentication for all accounts. Users are free to enable this feature.

 PaymentsWe use payment processors that are trustworthy and PCI compliant. We use Stripe( for payment processing. Any payment information between servers is highly encrypted and moved over HTTPS connections.
 SecurityData purging is a standard in Cryptoworth. When you delete a wallet, or delete a connection, the data is lost from the system and it is irreversible. This is applicable for wallets, exchange connections, transactions.
 Hot Wallets Cryptoworth CAP supports hot wallet synchronization. This means your browser wallets can be used within the Cryptoworth CAP . The private keys of the wallet are stored in your browser and Cryptoworth does not hold these keys.